क्यूँ झट बड़े हो गए!

क्यूँ झट बड़े हो गए!

कल ही तो थे छोटे से , क्यूँ झट बड़े हो गए । बचपन की दहलीज लांघ कर , कब बचपने से दूर हो गए । ना रही वो बेफिकरी दुनिया , जो जीती थी संग गुड्डे गुड़िया। एक टॉफी खुश कर देती थी , उस नन्हे से दिल को संतुष्ट करती थी । जब … Read More

One Fine Day..

One Fine Day… They arrived here with,Eyes gleaming with glittering dreams;Filled with Enthusiasm…They seemed. They all were strangers,They all were different;Gradually they knew…understood each other,Single they were good; together they were best. There were touchy birthday celebrations,And the lovely get togethers.There were boring study sessions;And there were sessions of humours. There were clashes over class … Read More

I Bid You all Adieu..

What Can I say about,Those happy four years….Memories of College days,Just lit the eyes with tears…Soo much to say,And soo much to write.That I could go on all day,Especially when now it’s in hindsight.Friends I Got are,Full of life and full of intelligence.Experiences I experienced were,Full of lessons and full of knowledge.Time stepped by…College life … Read More