मेरे भी कुछ सपने थे,  जो मेरी इन अखियों ने बुने थे, मेरे माँ – बाबू की साँस थी मै ,उनके ताउम्र परिश्रम का ताप थी मैं .ज़िन्दगी जीने की हकदार थी मैं, कुछ बनने  की तमन्ना में ,हर मुश्किल से जूझ कर ,हर अश्क़ पीने को तैयार थी मैं .ना मालूम किस जुर्म की सज़ा मिली मुझे … Read More

WE’ll Stand Together

Friendship is a golden thread,To bind all hearts together.Friendship is the purest honey,To make life beautiful forever.Our friendship is special,Like the flowers that bloom.Or when a butterfly emerges,From within its cocoon.Our friendship is beautiful,Like the smile on our face.Or when the sun rises,With its full natural grace.Our friendship is joyous,Like the giggles of a child,Or … Read More

One Fine Day..

One Fine Day… They arrived here with,Eyes gleaming with glittering dreams;Filled with Enthusiasm…They seemed. They all were strangers,They all were different;Gradually they knew…understood each other,Single they were good; together they were best. There were touchy birthday celebrations,And the lovely get togethers.There were boring study sessions;And there were sessions of humours. There were clashes over class … Read More


Those beautiful moments.. I want to care,Things would have been different..If I would had dared. Those precious words..Still gems for me..They are;That hope and that belief,Made me understand you’re there. That endless love,If you’d realized..We would be together,And Life hadn’t been died. No matter what had happened,Fault is at noone’s part,It’s our DESTINY…That made us … Read More

Some Souls…

Some Souls are like your lifeline… That You simply can’t live without.. Some Souls are like sweet smileys… You just see…smile and later think about. Some Souls are someone’s only best friend… With whom secrets are shared; Some souls are the best safe box; Within them feelings are understood and better cared. Some Souls are … Read More