First Love Romance Special

Love at First Sight..

I still wonder Does it truly happen,Love at First Sight!!Although after seeing him first,I dream him in the night.. His presence makes me feel,Vibrant and Bright.His gaze chills up my spine,And I wanna hold him tight. He is special to me,And I feel special when he is around.But It’s unknown to me…Is Love also there…the […]

Desire Romance

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time..And a very good time,There was a me..Always waiting for you,From the depth of my soul.Always wishing for you,From the soul of my heart. I waited..Waited a long,For you to comeAnd say, ‘ I am yours’.But you never said.. I wished..Wished a long,For you to hold my handsAnd never let me go.But […]

College days Friendhip poetry

I Bid You all Adieu..

What Can I say about,Those happy four years….Memories of College days,Just lit the eyes with tears…Soo much to say,And soo much to write.That I could go on all day,Especially when now it’s in hindsight.Friends I Got are,Full of life and full of intelligence.Experiences I experienced were,Full of lessons and full of knowledge.Time stepped by…College life […]