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How are you, really? – #QuarantineDiary

How are you, really? Put down whatever you are doing and tell me. I promise, I will listen with no judgements. Bring a cup of tea(or coffee?) with yourself, maybe. Tell me, what is going on with you. How are you coping with the World right now? Time has been really difficult recently.

As if the pandemic has thrown life in a roller coaster and with every round, it comes out in a different state. Exactly like humans. Some love roller coaster, some come out vomiting, some scream out of joy because they overcame their fear of speed, some come out crying. Well, humans are behaving almost in the same manner amid pandemic as well.

Some want to go back to normal but they forget that the normal they had is no more for some time at least. Few are protesting for their freedom. Some are protesting by doing BBQ and playing in the park with people of other households as told by a friend. Others are cooped up inside homes because they don’t want to be the carrier of the virus. The normal they are looking forward to can prove dangerous for life. What is normal anyway? Is navigating through life with the well-being of others in view is not normal?

We are in this together


When a pandemic happens, it happens to all of us. We all go through that together regardless of our geolocation and other affiliations. But, Are we really going through it together? Are we really in it together? When it’s an All hands on deck situation, Countries and their leaders are busy doing GeoPolitics. As a global citizen, I ask “Is this really the time?”. What will be your first step if you come to know your house is on fire. Will you call emergency services or will you investigate what led to fire in first place? Choice is yours.

Some leadership even made statement “We have to learn to live with Coronavirus”. Now, how does one live with coronavirus? Of course, If you are making this statement from your home office through a tele conference, you can live with it but the real question is “what is leadership doing for the people who can’t do the work through tele conference?” Will they live or die (in worst scenario) after they get the virus? But, questioning is out of syllabus for many democratic citizens.

I am merely trying to survive. Have seen days when anxiety touched rooftop , then spent days bringing it down. I guess when Allen Saunders (or John Lennon) said “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”, probably he meant this year. But, We all should remember that this shall too pass and that is the hope we should hold on to.

Now, please tell me how are you, really?  This is no small talk, I promise.

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