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Dwell in Hope – #QuarantineDiary

I have come again to my blog editor in “hope” that maybe this time, I would be able to write something. I have lost the count of the visits though but who wants to know that anyway?


Hope. Just that one word, We, all are clinging to like our favourite possessions and bad habits. We all are in this together. We all are not in this equally together but still we are when it comes to hope. Sitting or perhaps lying down on our couches in our respective drawing rooms across the globe, thinking wishfully about the vaccine to come out so We all can be our normal selves again.

Normal. Quite a strong word. Time has been so challenging of late that We have forgotten what normal was. I am using the word in a broader context. Normal not just our environments and surroundings but We, ourselves, our souls. You might be doing something else but feeling something else. Sad…Bored…Dramatic…Excited…you name it. And, let me just add – It’s perfectly OK to feel whatever you are feeling. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. ‘This shall too pass‘, They say. Until then, stay home.

The New Normal

Hopes are like leaves,

Shredding old, brooding new.

Until the heart sings,

The process continues.

Home. I think We all want to go back to normal not because We are stuck inside our homes but We are stuck inside our homes with our thoughts. That is the scariest part of this equation. Outside space provided that much-needed distraction at our disposal. It will come back but till then, We have to listen to our thousand thoughts and make peace with them, and hopefully We will emerge stronger.

Hopes. I am circling back to where I started this post because Life moves in circles. Exactly like the light comes after the darkest moment. If We haven’t experienced darkness, We will never appreciate the light. This is actually a true story. After seeing streaks of gloomy dark rainy weather, You start appreciating Sun. No matter how harsh the light is. Whenever I see raindrops on my window glass, I think ‘There will be light once again’.

Light. What will be life without light, anyway? The light that fills our surroundings and internal existence. The light that uplifts our soul and mind. The light that’s synonymous to hope. So, here is to light that is waiting for us in the coming days and here is to hope that We all get through this with more light and zeal in our hearts.

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