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An Open Letter On Behalf Of Choking Delhi-NCR

“Delhi has once again become Gas Chamber”, tweeting this time and again will not solve the problem and here, Arvind Kejriwal does it again.

This was done in 2018..

and 2017 as well.

Delhi-NCR are choking and authorities tweeting about it will not help. Period.

This is an open letter to anyone willing to solve the problem which only seems to aggravate with each passing year. I agree that only the Government can not and should not be held responsible. Every citizen is responsible for the type of pollution one creates. I also strongly feel that respective agencies are responsible for increasing the awareness and providing sustainable solutions to common people. 

Implementing Odd/Even or artificial rain might give you respite in the short run but not in the long run. We are not at a stage that “trying” to solve a problem in two months of the year will help for the whole year. As I am typing this AQI in my surrounding area is whopping 400+. We have reached a stage when We have no extra time to deal with this health emergency. The solution has to start NOW

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Why now?

But, Why am I writing this letter when nothing has changed in the last 3 or 4 years? Because I still have an iota of hope left that there will be someone who would be willing to work for their citizens. I also believe if officials are not aiming to solve this Air Pollution problem, they should be really honest towards their citizens so people can take decisions for their lives. Because No Politics allows you to play with people’s lives.

As common people, We don’t care about whose court the ball is in, Delhi, Haryana or Punjab? We just want the problem to be solved. You might say that it’s because of stubble burning in Punjab. But, try to understand the root cause. What is it that forces people to do so? Do they have enough funds that they can recycle stubble rather than burning? Do they even know how to recycle? Has responsible agencies and the government host an awareness program to educate them about it? And if not, Why are We not cutting the rotten root of the problem? I am very much aware that all of this needs funding. But, If a country has enough funds to spend on festivities, then this is Health & Wellness Situation and tops everything else because as the Hindi saying goes, “जान है तो जहाँ है”.

You might also say that there are too many vehicles on roads and that increase pollution. I have some questions there too. How do you want people to commute without robust public transport? There is not enough public transport for daily commuters. What is being done on that front? We don’t have Low-Emission Zones as many other Countries have. We don’t have vehicle-free zones. Vehicle free zone can give facility to people who are old or with a disability and everyone else can be on foot or use a bicycle. There will always be resistance in the beginning but it is better than just implementing odd/even for 10/365 days.

People also need to behave like responsible citizen and not add to pollution by bursting firecrackers.

Are there solutions already?

A simple Google search tells me that solutions do exist but what is it that is stopping us from implementing. We can have funds for statues why not for smog-free towers. Having no funds for public health and safety is a lame excuse. The reality is that it doesn’t go according to Politics. How many days GOI has provided free transport to everyone so people ditch their private vehicles? I assume the number is zero. 

Technology has gone way ahead in solving these problems. It needs will and wish to solve any problem. Merely passing the blame to others will not solve it. Calling it Gas Chamber will not turn into green land. Real action on the ground will do. If Indore can become the cleanest city for three consecutive years, then anything can happen in this country.

I hope and wish that you get the point, whomsoever are you!

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