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World Will Say Many Things To You

The World will say to you, “Be a better person”. “Do not be afraid to say, ‘Yes'” Cleo Wade says most beautifully in her Ted Talk. The World will say many things to you. Good, bad, some questions and other impressions; How you choose to react will go long way in changing the world.

If We look around ourselves, empathy seems to be missing like it never existed. The World seems to be in constant chaos, devoid of peaceful rhythms and We often find ourselves asking the question, ‘How can we change it if at all we can?’. Cleo’s response to this is ‘Start by being brave enough to care‘.

Isn’t that true?

Start With Yourself

If We want to change the World, We have to start with ourselves, with our family and with our connections. No change is small if the goal is to make this world a better place. No action is invisible if the goal is to spread peace. It may look like a tiny beginning to something big. For example, It can be cleaning the streets in your neighbourhood because you want to contribute towards a cleaner city. You never know how many people you will inspire in that single moment.

It can be as simple as starting the conversations about bias, bigotry, and unfairness in safe confines of our drawing rooms. The single most thing which remains true in all recipes of change remains the same as Cleo said, ‘You have to be brave enough to care’.

Be good to as many people as possible

Gene Moretti

Change starts with you. Change starts with me. Change starts with all of us. And if you don’t care enough, You are still being part of that change. Silently.

Catalysts of Change

The World will say many things to us and we probably won’t have answers to all of them but the only action which is needed when we know absolutely nothing is to be humane.

We just have to realize that We are the catalysts of change.

We have the power to bring a positive change in our societies. We need to cross the bridge of frustration and self-imposed helplessness.

We all have the magic of being compassionate and kind. We have to start seeing our stories in others and their stories in ourselves. Most importantly, We need to see the problem to solve it.

We all have the choice to be part of solution and not problem.

What do you say?

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