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Free Write. First Time.

I have never done free write before. I have read so many free writes but never attempted myself, at least not in public space. But, they say Never say never.

Sitting on couch on a Thursday evening, contemplating life. Thinking about the good two weeks of vacations in July and which hasn’t given my rhythm back yet. Missing the good food made by mom. Cons of adulting, I believe. Right?

It was a good break. Finished the book The Free Voice by Ravish Kumar and I have so many voices in my head right now. I would recommend if you believe in the idea of free voice in democracy, you should get your hands on this book. It poses a very important question in front of the reader, “What are you afraid of?”

I also saw too much weather fluctuations in the past few weeks and wonder where are we heading now. Do you think about this too? I don’t think We will leave anything for future generations. The climate situation looks very grim. Temperature rise, Excessive rain and floods, droughts, harsh winters, We have created an imbalance that perhaps can’t be balanced now.

I think I am very weird. I want to do so many things and I feel the time is just slipping away. Mostly because of my laziness. 🙄 Maybe more action and less procrastination will help. I hear you say, We will see. Don’t you think the time is going very fast? We just started 2019 and it’s already August. I have no idea where 7 months have gone. Thankfully, I have crossed the half-point mark of my reading challenge. Did you take a reading challenge or any other challenge to develop your whole self? I am all ears.

I don’t even know if this #freewrite will reach 500 words mark but I will try. It feels like liberating as if I am talking to myself though I am trying to communicate my thoughts to my reader. Maybe doing this exercise regularly will help me formulate my thought process or will it be just dumped as random thoughts. Time will tell.

500 looks approachable now. You can take a deep breath too and relax after reading this if you have to. Tomorrow is Friday at least and then Weekend. That will calm your nerves if reading this piece brought you any distress. You can see that I am struggling. Even I can see that now. It feels like a walking challenge which I did last year for a month. There were days when I used to look at my step counts like a hawk and as soon as It touched 12k, I would take a deep breath. It is exactly feeling like that today as I am counting my words.

As I approaching the end of this free write, My mind is already thinking ahead about the next book I am going to read. It is torn between politics and a book about why we sleep. Though after reading about the current state of politics, sleep just goes out of the window.

535. And just like that I and you both have survived this free write. Give a pat on your back and get ready for the weekend!

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