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Is India Harnessing The Power of Democracy?

India, the most populous democracy of more than 1.3 billion people. Can you imagine what could it mean?

In Democracy, the real power lies in the hands of people

Before We think about that, We need to understand what the real meaning of Democracy is. As per Wikipedia, the word Democracy was first originated by Greek word δημοκρατία (dēmokratía) which means Rule by People. In Democracy, the real power lies in the hands of people and with great power comes great responsibility.

With recent events in India and Pakistan, came a frenzy of thought-provoking news and forwarded WhatsApp messages as well. I saw people posting patriotic messages on social media and arguing about whether the step we took is good or bad and the truth is, We don’t know. Consequences could have been severe considering both nations possess nuclear weapons.

But, I don’t want to talk about recent events in this post. What I do want to talk about is that I saw power. The power of people who were united for #SayNoToWar because War never brings peace.

Channeling this power

If I ask you, What is the most burning issue in India at the moment, What will be your answer?

Okay, a hint. It’s the most urgent issue Worldwide in different ways.

My answer is Clean Air. At the time of writing this post, PM2.5 AQI in Delhi is 211, which falls under Very Poor category as per Air Quality Index norms. So, are we panicking? We should be. Right?

Can We all unite for this one issue because believe it or not, Your views will matter until you are breathing? Everything else comes later. We all need clean air to survive. Our future generations need clean air. I am sure you have read and heard this narrative many times in the past but why are we not talking about it in our WhatsApp groups and social media post. Why are We not behaving as if things are on fire because literally, they are? We seem to be living in gas chambers.

Can people ask this question to the governing body? Imagine instead of gazillions of fake forwarded messages, concern towards this national calamity is forwarded.

Imagine what the most populous democracy can do.

A Living Inspiration

Before I end this post, Let me share a story of a 16-year-old who is doing phenomenal work in this area. She is Greta Thunberg .

Greta is a Swedish activist, working to stop global warming and stop climate change because she believes that She has the right to live. She is inspiring students all over the World to go on school climate strike on Fridays for their own Future. She wants governments to take action now for the future.

I am sure if she can do this, We all can because the future belongs to our loved ones as well.

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