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What does freedom mean to you?

India is celebrating 71st Independence Day today. We are 29 years away from observing 100th Independence Day. What does it mean though for a nation? What does it mean for Indians like you and me?

We have come far definitely but We still have miles to go. We are reaping the sacrifices of freedom fighters but seeds of our own good deeds, We shall not forget to sow. People have a different meaning of freedom but it truly has just one meaning. The right to act, think and live as one wants. If We look around our society, are we practicing that right? I still feel there are sections of society which are in shackles (perhaps cultural ones). You might call me Feminist if I say that the first section that comes to my mind comes as Indian Women but let me tell you it is just one section. There are many more but I digress.

Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes – Mahatma Gandhi

What does freedom mean to you?

Here are some things which mean freedom to me and more I think about these things, more I believe that We have a long way to go before We can truly be free.

Being grateful to those lives who gave their lives in the hope that we will have the right to act, think and live the way we want.

Being free means that you should be able to be You.

It means that you should have the right to be in your skin without any cultural pressure.

It means that One should be able to live the life they want without hurting other people.

Freedom means that Women should be free from the social pressure to endure the emotional and mental load for their entire life because, in the end, women are humans first.

Freedom means that one can see another human and rise above caste, class, religion and name anything which divides a society.

Freedom means that no-one is forced to practice/ follow a religion. They should have the right to make their own mistakes and create their own learning paths.

Freedom to me means that as a woman, I should be able to roam on streets at any time of the day without any fear.

Freedom means that one should be able to voice one’s opinions without the fear of being attacked.

Freedom means that the house help you have in your homes is not treated differently.

It means that people are given jobs on the basis of their skills and not gender/class etc.

It also means that your belonging to one religion does not mean that all other religions are bad.

Freedom means that We don’t force ourselves (mentally, physically or emotionally) into the lives of other people.

Freedom means using your free will for the good of society.

Tell me, What does freedom mean to you?

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