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Yesterday evening over tea, my husband told me a story and I am unable to pin down to an emotion I felt after listening to it. Maybe writing about it can give some clarity but it’s not promised. He told me that on his commute to work, a mother boarded the bus with her daughter. The girl was so young, three or four years old perhaps. He said that the girl was cheerful like a happy life itself. Her smile filling the bus with its warmth and joyfulness. So much so that everyone started smiling. She was looking at individual faces and then greeted with a smile. The kind of smile which turns a weary day into full of energy. The kind of smile that fills a dark room with its own light. The kind of smile which lifts your soul in a way you never imagined. After doing her observation, she went and sat next to a lady in the front seat. After exchanging the gaze and the smiles, the lady said, “Hello Sweetheart! What’s your name?”. Everyone was looking at this dialogue exchange. Eager to listen to what the girl says. After a couple of minutes, the mom said, “She can’t hear”. Everyone on-boarded felt something weird. You know the feeling when you hear something unexpected and bad and your entire body feels out of place, you can hear your heartbeats in your own ear. You feel so small, your existence so tiny in your sea of problems. As if your small bubble of existence is burst. At least that’s what I felt when he told me this.

It’s funny how We can draw inspiration from individual stories happening around us. This story propelled me to think how we go about our daily lives, sit in our comfy couches and complain about how hard this life is. How we fuss over the smallest of our problems that are not impossible to solve, how we take for granted what our bodies could do and never feel grateful about it rather we keep telling others what our bodies aren’t able to do, how We fool ourselves and others that our problems are the greatest and the biggest.

Problems come. Problems go. Life moves on.

The story pushed me to think that perhaps We should aim to see beyond our bubbles and feel the world the way it is. We should be grateful every day for our mere existence perhaps. Also, when we are in this loop of ‘nothing is working in my life’ and think everyone else is fine and happy in theirs, does that mean others’ lives are problem free? I think no. We can never know someone’s full story or what someone is going through other than what we see on the surface. Problems come. Problems go. Life moves on. That problem of ours which is not getting solved today, will that problem matter after some time?

I know the name of girl but I am not going to write it because knowing the name does not matter, knowing the story does. This is not a sympathy post because I believe in my heart that her life will turn out great. I truly hope she achieves everything she wants to, in her life and I hope her story can inspire you in some or other way.

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  • She Gives a sweet lesson to all of us in her innocence, whether a person is in a gud or bad conditions. Being joyful, cheerful n smiling not just for the sake of a showoff but also for your own self makes you live the moment and surpass it very satisfactoryly. Not just for your ownself but also for everyone around. Such an attitude makes work easy comfy n Lite. Whether it’s with your colleges at office or your family at home or any random place just Like this bus. Need to 4get your own darksides N just Liv the moment-Like this small girl that made everyone connected to her just because of her attitude,that made everyone smile connected N sad.Making us to Learn to Live the moment opening our hearts N 4getting our darksides. Thanx for sharing, I will try my best to be like this as what I learn is. Making feel every one feel free to connect you makes you more confident N connected both ways.(whether it is you or the people around) making the moment Lite.This smile should be from yourownself n not a corporate one.or else someday some time you will feel bad n regret.we need to be just Lite Lovely cheerful n joyful like the girl n get going forgetting the darksides of our true conditions this makes us feel positive. This is what I understand. Everyone has their own perspective.A sweet lesson from this girl if observed correctly by us can make us feel more Lite Happy Confident n Connected.4getting all our odds n darksides.

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