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Modern Woman | #RhythmicWednesday


I am an engineer,
Mechanic, Doctor and sportswoman
I am a teacher,
Actress, believer and human.

I am an entrepreneur,
Student, pilot and driver.
Not a damsel in distress,
And can be my own saviour.

I am a fashionista,
Moody and Competitive.
I can choose to be all,
Or I can build my own narrative.

I vouch for equality,
In all social shapes and sizes.
The single most need of hour
Society should had already apologised to me for existing bias.

I run homes,
Businesses and nations.
People will be happier,
If tasks and duties aren’t gender designed.

I am strong,
Slim, chubby and not fair.
My body is not your business,
Judging me, I bet you not dare.

I am a woman,
Indeed a modern one.
You will find me everywhere,
Because shyness is no more fun.

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