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Mind Little Lost


Another evening,
Sitting on couch.
Mind little lost,
Parallel trains of thought.

How many lives do we touch,
By just showing up.
How do we impact others,
For their better or worse selves?

Does the peace inside us,
Contribute to World peace,
Or the World peace,
Calms our inner sea?

Whatever is the answer
It is a must.
For you to function,
And the World to prosper.

We all are just tiny particles,
In the wider scheme of universe.
Each of our tiny worlds
Decorate or ruin the sketch.

Have I given you enough to ponder?
Tell me what makes you wonder.
Act or React
But to do either without thinking will be a blunder.

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Manisha Awasthi

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The Nimble Mime Opinions. Expressions. Words.