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Twelve Boys and Cave | #RhythmicWednesday


A football team,
With grit yet unseen,
Went missing,
In cave, probably you have never been.
Parents worried,
Will they ever see boys again?
Time will tell,
But we shouldn’t loose hope even in rain.
Water logging and narrow path,
Couldn’t deter the divers,
Who found the boys,
Patiently waiting like stars.
Rescue mission began
With a ray of hope,
A phenomenal example of
Courage and walking on a rope.
Inspiring and showing the World,
What happens when team work works,
How you use your skills
And not think about your life for a second.
Learning to dive is
No cake walk.
Yet the boys did that,
Because that was time’s ask.
The Navy seal who lost his life,
Will be remembered,
Always in our hearts,
Every time the story is told.
A beautiful story,
We all will remember,
In times to come,
Whenever we’ll found ourselves in despair.

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