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Things People Say When You have Thin Body Structure

In a World where obesity has become a real problem and has nearly tripled since 1975 according to WHO, some of us still struggle with social body-shaming because we are on the other end of the spectrum. You guessed it right. We are body shamed for our well-within-weight-limits bodies. I come across this on a regular basis and I am sick of it.

A little bit of history, I have always had the thinner body frame.  I don’t understand why it becomes a shocker for other people. I understand, We all like judging other people for the bodies they have, for the choices they make but sometimes these judgements serve us better if they are inwards.

Let me share some of the nuggets from my experience what I hear on a constant basis.

Are you sick?

This is the most common one. I mean why would you say this to someone when it is not your business. I never told you that the extra fat you are depositing might lead to chronic diseases ( if you don’t know which ones, go figure out).

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Do you not get food at home?

I get this one all the time. I am actually keen to know whether those people will cook and send me food if I say No just for fun. Ok, Don’t get ideas. I eat my stomach full. We (Me and H) cook delicious food at home. Someone once even asked me if I don’t eat because I don’t like cooking too much. That person needs to get her facts better. Cooking and Eating are two different deals and the latter can be fulfilled without first.

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You would look nice if you get chubby.

Right. So, people say this and in the next breath they go like, ‘ You know what I will be happy if I shed few kilos’. As if they want me to gain few kilos so they can feel better about themselves.

I like myself the way I am and I would be much happier if you’d not poke your nose in my looks business.

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Why Do you exercise? Do you want to disappear?

Because you know only overweight people should exercise. NO dear. You’ve got the purpose of exercise all wrong. I do it whenever I feel like it so I can depend on my body when I age. Is that wrong? Shouldn’t you be treating your body like a holy place?

And even if I disappear some day ( like Mr India), I have an entire list of things to do in that situation and I bet you don’t want to know.

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What I am trying to say is that I appreciate your judgment and criticism towards me but please keep them to yourselves unless you are a Nutrition Graduate. Also, try to find another conversation starter next time because this one doesn’t fit for breaking the ice.

What do people tell to you if you face the similar problem like me?
I am all ears.

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