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Introducing: Mend The Gap

I have been procrastinating starting this series on my blog but laziness has its own expiry date, I guess. It is precisely that moment. So, here I introduce you to the new series ‘Mend The Gap’.

Mind Mend The Gap

What is Mend The Gap? I hear you ask. The name is inspired by Transport for London’s famous audible/visual warning on stations ‘Please mind the gap’. I started commuting to London for work this year and you literally get used to this warning if you are a daily commuter. In past, I have written blogs on our society’s gender equation and how that equation is unbalanced. So, one day while I was on train and was reading an online article on Feminism, it got me thinking. We know that there are big holes in our cultural and societal fabric and we are mindful of them but we are not doing enough about it. We should be taking actions in our own capacities to mend them because that is how change works and then, ‘Mend the gap’ came into my mind.

People often call me Feminist. I don’t know whether this is a good label or bad one but I do know that I am certainly one. So, why not just write about it. This series will have blogs on all things related to Gender Equality. I am also going to use it to channelize my thoughts. At times I feel, there is too much to know and do and we are not doing enough. Maybe I would learn new facets of Feminism. Time will tell. Maybe?

At other times, I will also use these blogs as data points. At times, I find myself in conversations when people think that we are doing better than we should. Well, the point is, perhaps we are doing better than past but we are certainly not living in ideal conditions. There are still people who don’t deserve an unequal treatment but they are at receiving end. I hope, you agree.


Why to Mend The Gap?

We need a World where we don’t need days like ‘International Women’s Day’ to remind us for pressing for progress and to make that happen, we have to do a lot of work in all facets of our individualistic lives. You need to do your part and unknowingly you will inspire million other people because good things are contagious, you know.

Be the change you wish to see in the World. – Mahatma Gandhi

So, while we all hope for that World and sit in our homes in somewhat biased environments, We should be acting on things which we don’t like ourselves because charity begins at home. Let me warn you though. These actions will put you in spots which are often not very pleasant but again, any change requires hard work.

Future will tell how all this would go. For now, I just have a hope that one day this World and all that it entails, will be equal for everyone.

What do you think?

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