In Remembrance of Grenfell Tower Fire

On June 14,
That unfortunate night,
The fire spread
Like scuttled mice.

Many lost their families,
Hundreds died,
and others are
Scarred for life.

People jumped from building,
In a hope to be alive.
Little did that Mother knew,
That the baby in her womb won’t survive

Those who survived the fire,
Got a burning hole in heart.
They are suffering mentally, To them,
Memories will forever haunt.

To all those people,
Who are battling everyday.
To all those people,
Who struggle to find the Ray.

I hope that you find peace,
And may universe heal you.
I hope you get the strength,
And wish that universe bless you.

Grenfell Tower fire broke out on 14 June 2017 in a 24-storey tower block.

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