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Food for Thought, Today and Everyday

food for thought

Make a habit and stick to it for at least 30 days.

Try to read for 30 minutes a day. At least, try for 15 maybe?

Go for a walk alone.

Go for a walk with your partner.

Listen to bird songs.

Care about others and empathise.

Time is a luxury. You will never get the moment back when it is passed.

Respect other’s time.

Be kind to yourself and others but yourself first. Always.

Give surprise flowers to your better half. Say ‘I Love You’.

Cook food together and then eat it together.

Try new cuisines.

Do things which make you happy.

Set some personal boundaries and respect boundaries of other people.

Do something creative. Create a piece of art.

Dance like it might be your last.

See the bigger picture of World or at least try to see.

Help someone who is in need. You will always find someone.

Take your health seriously.

Feel the wind on face.

Love yourself.

Don’t be rubbish and don’t throw rubbish.

Be thankful that You are privileged to see this World.

Be grateful to those who made this World a better place.

Make your contribution so your future generation can also enjoy the beauty of the World.

Be a human. Love non-humans as well. Respect that we don’t own the planet, We co-habit.

Learn a new skill. You are never too told for that.

Life is a busy road and it’s a skill to walk on that road without bumping others. (Lesson from Dad)

Be honest. With yourself. With Others. At Work.

Stick to people who become the wind beneath your wings.

Embrace happiness and sadness with equal weight.

Ask questions. Ask lot of them.

Be professional. Know your tools.

Work towards a change if you don’t like something.

Dream with open eyes and then work hard to make those dreams come true.

Don’t make fun of others. Make fun of yourself if you wish to.

Don’t judge others. Not judging is tough but try. You never know someone’s story enough to judge them.

Be present in your conversations. Above all, keep that phone aside.

Or just keep that phone aside randomly and do something else. Dance maybe?

Nourish your soul with chicken soup or perhaps a mix vegetable soup in case you are vegetarian.

Sometimes, buy someone dinner who are planning to sleep empty stomach.

Look at the sky and count the stars. Talk to yourself.

Don’t be late to your meeting. That puts others off.

Stare out of the window even more.

Try new things. Create new stories so you can tell them later.

Remember one thing you are grateful for when you find yourself in pain. You will feel better.

Challenge yourself and give everything you have, to it. Do not beat yourself up though if you loose.

Lead by example. Follow wisely.

Say Thank You often.

Take deep breaths.

Life is short. Try to live today. Try to live now.

Smile, because you can.

Make the choices that define you. Surely that will make a difference in your life and in this World.

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