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Did I Tell You? | #RhythmicWednesday

Did I Tell You Text

Did I tell you about,
The last time,
When I had a dream,
About words and how they rhyme.

They were dancing and giggling,
Making combinations multiple,
Sometimes dressing up as a human,
And at other times, soul of a happy bubble.

Did I tell you about
Those zillion memories?
Which keep coming back,
And make me anxious with a pinch of surprise.

Huh, How can memories
Be filled with surprise?
Because they take me sometimes,
In future and fill me with the bright light similar to sunrise.

Did I tell you about
Those sweet stories?
In which protagonist
Is always like real life people.

Like the ones,
Who get bruised and shattered.
But, still keep going,
In the hope and to fulfil what they’ve dreamt.

Did I tell you
That diamonds need hard work?
And patience and grit,
To be actual diamond else they are just dirt.

But, I bet
You already know this. Don’t you?
I bet you gave everything,
And tapped your inner jewels for what you want to be.

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