Dear Troll Armies! | #RhythmicWednesday

Troll Armies

Troll armies, Troll armies,
You think
You have the power of attorney,
But it’s deep water for you to sink.

Hatred can win the World,
Is your only philosophy,
But, I was told by a little bird,
What you are is mere cacophony.

In today’s political and social narrative,
In the culture of online and offline,
You just know how to be abusive,
Perhaps your moral and conscience don’t align.

You just live for religion,
Or may be another motive,
Insulting women is your passion
Your plots are the most derogative.

Troll armies, Troll armies,
You think yourselves
As bold and brave,
But as the worker bee is to queen bee, You are often a slave.

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