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How Would You Feel? | #RhythmicWednesday

How would you feel
If you can’t provide for offsprings?
Does this thought shake your soul?
In your ears, does the misery sing.

Same is happening to those
Fluffy polar bears,
Melting ice in Antarctica, up that temperature goes,
Bears aren’t able to find food, hunger killing their cheer.

How would you feel
If you die slowly?
From the very thing you eat,
As if you are drinking cup of poison gradually.

Same is happening to,
Birds and other living animals.
They are eating plastic,
The invention that humans sing and don’t seem responsible.

How would you feel
To live in soaring temperatures?
In unbalanced climate,
This universe has seen never.

They can’t even tell,
Because they don’t speak.
But those creatures are also facing the wrath,
Getting punished for the mistakes they didn’t make.

Climate change is for real,
And it’s because of you and me.
Time is for action before it gets too late,
Let’s chalk out a plan and for once agree.

This poem was triggered by a National Geographic image in which a stork is stuck in plastic. Read the full article on National Geographic.  National Geographic is doing an awareness campaign ‘Planet or Plastic’ about global waste trash

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