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What is it?


I don’t know what is it,
That’s keeping me restless.
The World I live in,
Or the World I want to live in.

The very lives, We are granted
Have deeper purposes than we fathom.
It doesn’t end at survival,
Neither it has to have a set rhythm.

I am finding it hard,
To keep the thoughts at a bay.
As if a tap has opened,
And I’d have to capture the drops in some way.

Maybe I should capture them,
In a glass bottle.
So I can see through them,
And can solve the puzzle.

Or at other times,
When the light penetrates,
I see the colors of rainbow,
And all it entails.

Maybe I should just write,
And write, and write.
My thoughts, my aches,
About my dreams that keep me awake.

Maybe the words will touch you,
And make you feel the very thing.
Maybe you will peek inside you,
And get bedazzled with your own bling.

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Manisha Awasthi

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The Nimble Mime Opinions. Expressions. Words.