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No Religion is Larger Than Life

I am gazing into the void. I don’t know what I am looking at. I am angry, really angry and wondering how this incident cannot touch anyone who has a heart and is human. How can the rape of an 8-year-old not make you angry? How can you mix religion and life because in the end, no Religion is larger than life?

I tried finding the reason for not being angry but I failed. Beautiful face of that child just keeps coming back. My body shakes while thinking what if this child belonged to my family, what if I knew her personally and this thought only explodes my mind and breaks my heart.

I feel ashamed to be a part of society which worships goddess but disrespects girls and women

I am feeling ashamed and guilty to be a part of this World where even our little kids aren’t safe. I feel disgusted to be a part of society which worships goddess but disrespects girls and women. I feel petrified to witness this time.

As 8 or 9-year-olds, We don’t understand what does it mean to be raped. I was a 9 year old once and I knew someone personally whose elder sister was raped by her cousin and then murdered. The guy killed himself too. Everything was in the newspaper. I didn’t understand back then what had happened. I only remember seeing everything in newspaper and crying because that someone had lost her sister. It was painful back then and it is more painful now because I understand the severity of the issue.

When you mix religion and power in a bowl, it is a recipe for communal war.

The Rape Culture

This particular case is different because you don’t expect ministers from ruling party to speak in favor of accused than victims. When you mix religion and power in a bowl, it is a recipe for communal war and that is what our people, politicians, and country thrive upon. No religion teaches you to support rape, be it Hinduism or Islam (just to name few) and no country or political party can be bigger than its people or the very people they serve.

No Religion is larger than life

If we put a mask on the girl’s and the rapists’ name and religion, Will the very people who are protesting to set free the rapists and murders, continue to do so? What would be the reaction If we say that the 8-year-old who was raped belongs to the family of people who are supporting the accused?

What I am trying to say here is that 8-year-old could have been anyone. So, choose your actions wisely because our actions lead to bigger things than we can imagine. We all are tiny drops in the big ocean and fortunately or unfortunately every drop counts.

Some people are choosing to be silent because talking about social issues bring uncomfort to them, uncomfort of being called as anti-nationalist and religion hater. I don’t want to think that rape culture doesn’t affect them. Maybe they just think that what can they do to even change it. They are clueless. I have a news for them. Change begins at home. If you wish to be silent outside your comfort zones, Please don’t be silent in your homes. Please. I request you on behalf of that 8-year-old who is not in this world.

You can choose what you want to do, be a silent-watcher or speak up. I choose to speak up by writing about it. I am going to talk about this in any way I could, with family, friends, and anyone who listens to me. Maybe just maybe, that will lessen my guilt a tiny bit.

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