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Dear Monday! | #MondayMusings

My Dreams look fuzzy today,
Or perhaps I am still in slumber.
Yearning for times’ old Ray,
Though I know, it’s a new starter.

Some call it Monday Blues,
Some seek the motivation,
Others find the creativity in it’s hue,
And way to life and continuation.

I have my love-hate relationship,
With you.
But, I like how you never fail to show up,
Knowing what people put you through.

I know how you might feel,
When Friday is loved more than you.
But, some get the Zeal,
By just thinking of you.

So don’t be sad and grumpy,
None is perfect, you know.
Keep your charisma on,
Slowly and steadily, people will follow.

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The Nimble Mime Opinions. Expressions. Words.