Being Myself !

You can’t weigh me down,
With your bad weather.
I am not a creature,
Whom you can tether.

You won’t know me
Better. Now and never.
Stop selling me anything,
In the name of culture shit.

I am not the one,
You are looking for,
I am not the one,
You will be able to tame. Ever.

I am not the one,
From those sexist forwards,
May you get the power,
To see that your humour is retard.

I am not religious,
And it’s none of your business.
A lot of religious people anyway,
Cant’t differentiate wrong from righteous.

You can’t slow me down,
You can’t break my spine.
Whatever be the weather
I carry my own sunshine.

I am tenacious,
Fierce and brave.
I am unapologetic,
If being myself  for you, is rave.

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