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Alternate Reality | #RhythmicWednesday

Half awake half in sleep,
I feel different clarity.
Emotions run deep,
In that alternate reality.

Captivating thoughts of,
Injustice and suffering.
Chill my spine,
And, pure uncomfort they bring.

But, at same time
I found myself asking,
What’s my contribution
To eradicate the pain and sting.

Are common people
Like me and you
So common to Bring a change?
On topics that are taboos.

Are people like
Me and you,
Being the full tiny drops,
That makes oceans quite a view.

I, for sure can’t
Answer your questions.
I, for sure can’t
Tame your own deamons.

But, I can assure you,
That you would be enough.
If you choose to challenge,
The status quo. Sure, it’s tough.

But, so are you.
Tough as steel.
Solid as rock that
Can shatter as well shield.

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