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International Women’s Day and Beyond. #PressforProgress

According to World Economic Forum, We may take another 217 years to close the gender gap. Well, that’s quite a number. Isn’t?

The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights. – Gloria Steinem

What does it mean for us today though? We won’t be there to witness it because, for obvious reasons We are not exempted from death, you know. Should we stop caring about it because the gender parity equation is not going to balance in our lifetime? If you are confused about the answer, let me give a helping hand. The answer is the big NO.


The opposite is true. We should care about it more than ever. #TimesUp and iron is hot. So, you must strike. Each and every time. While you might find anti-forces (society/culture) at times block women to no end and shame women about what they should do, but those forces should not affect your willpower, motivation, and commitment towards gender parity.

We need to change the narrative with our bare hands and willing soul.

The time, which we all are experiencing right now is golden. Trust me, Women and Men who believe in parity will tell these stories to their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. But, to tell these stories, we need to write them first. We need to be the characters in those stories. We need to change the narrative with our bare hands and willing soul. We need to tap (well, not literally) every being we come in contact with. We need to teach the true meaning of equality to little boys and girls who will carry the baton forward. More than teaching, We need to lead by example.

IWD Theme 2018

You might think that your contribution would not change anything but it will, in more ways than you imagine. This day is a reminder that We still have to work real hard to reach the goal. This year, the theme for IWD campaign is, #PressforProgress. There is no going back, only progressing forward. This is how I am going to continue #PressforProgress on IWD and beyond:

  • I will ask more women to sit at the table
  • I will question social gender stereotypes and assumptions about women
  • I will nudge other people in my circle to think towards a 50/50 goal
  • I will try to be the change catalyst in whatever way I can

More than anything, We need to have the will and wish to make a more inclusive World for future generations. I am leaving you with a question and urge you to make a commitment. #PressforProgress Now. Will you?

Also, share in comments How will you #PressforProgress?

Let’s keep the conversation going. International Women’s Day and Beyond. #PressforProgress

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