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AtoZChallenge2018 #ThemeReveal

It’s that time of the year again. Yes, It’s March and you know what, I am marching towards #AtoZChallenge.

I stumbled upon AtoZChallenge in the year 2016 when I was literally bored and I needed something to keep me busy. I needed something which could wake up my sleeping brain cells. Did the challenge surpass my challenge? Yes, It did. I must say.

Then came 2017 when I embraced the idea of having the theme and I chose Flash Fiction. If you are doing the challenge for the first time, my advice is to decide a theme. It will be easier to channel your thoughts.

So, What exactly is Blogging from AtoZChallenge, anyway?

This challenge asks you to blog daily in April except for Sundays. One day for each letter of the alphabet. You may choose a theme to follow or go themeless. Other than blogging, the challenge also asks for finding other blogs, reading, commenting and sharing. You will end up finding good blogs.

So, What am I doing this year?

Having done two challenges, one with the theme and another without, I don’t think, I would take the challenge without a theme. It just makes it a little bit simpler. It would still gnaw away at you sometimes but the frequency will be lesser. I promise.

I am being a bit brave (All thanks to my darling husband who always push me to do better) this year and getting out of my comfort zone and picking up a theme which interests me but I don’t know much about it. So, I am expecting a lot of reading and research on my part. The downside is that it’s going to be exhausting but the sunny side is I will know more about it. This year my theme is ‘Climate Change | What are we leaving behind?’. You can expect blogs about the main causes and effects of climate change. Also, some things which we individuals can pick up to minimise it and leave this earth in a better shape for our future generations.


I am really looking forward to lots of learnings and waking moments and I hope that you, as a reader will get something out of it.

Please drop a comment if you are also participating in the challenge. I’d do my best to drop by. Let’s share some love by spreading the word.

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