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Indian News Channels : The New Tribe of Forensic Experts

“The end of journalism, I believe, is to serve people in the most profound way possible…. So you will need intelligence and experience to do this kind of work and also a sense of your own humanity”, William Woo once said. But, if you want to see what is Journalism without a sense of humanity, you should definitely watch some Indian news channels where we have too many journalists-turned-forensic-experts. Forget living individuals, dead who are not cremated yet can’t rest in peace because of these people.

For those who still didn’t get what I am talking about, a famous Bollywood actress died and now we have a country full of self-proclaimed detectives and a sea of critics.

New Tribe of Forensic Experts

These are the People who know more about anti-aging drugs and how it can be a reason for cardiac arrest. People, who don’t feel shy criticising a dead soul, connecting her death to Karma. News channels who are insensitive enough to ask the reaction from children who lost her mother. One channel even made a headline “Jhanvi Kapoor is inconsolable”. How is she supposed to be feel? One of the media houses did a panel discussion and put forward its own speculations and asked viewers to call and tell their views.

To all such people, I have a question. Have you sold your soul for money and TRP? Would you be doing the same if it was your family member instead of Sridevi? Let alone empathizing with grieving family, you are there to torture them with such news.

Is being a compassionate human that difficult?

How she died, doing the speculations is not your bloody job. Your job is to be the messenger of news. If you desire to be in the forensic department, then my friend, let me bring you a bad news. You are wasting your life and Nation’s prime Time by being in the wrong profession.


Quality of News

Is being a compassionate human that difficult? Isn’t that a lesson in Journalism? And, whoever spoke about Sridevi’s karma, Don’t assume that you will not be served by Karma. And to be honest, it’s not about celebrity life. From politics to religion, nothing is left. This is done to every damn thing. Maybe it is high time that institutions revise what they are teaching or did you buy that degree from the money you earned by selling such crap news.

It’s not entirely your fault though. From Supply Chain 101, your news is being consumed because there is a supply. We are at fault too as we didn’t take enough steps to not get you motivated. There are people who enjoy this sort of news and then forward them as WhatsApp messages. And, my heart just sinks to see that these message forwarding people are educated and well-read crowd but who am I kidding? If you have mind you can study and get a degree but you can get a degree by other means too. Right?

Don’t use the power of free speech in a way that it becomes an abuse

I have only one sincere request. Don’t use the power of free speech in a way that it becomes an abuse and to remind you again, Karma keeps an account of everyone. So, it will come back one day to haunt you.

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