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We Ignore To See | #RhythmicWednesday


The air has become,
Dangerous to breathe.
Still, beyond the dirty politics
We ignore to see.
The smog covers the city,
Skyline like a sheet.
Stars have disappeared,
The view, once used to be sweet.
Kids play indoors,
Outdoor is valley of fatality.
‘What have we done?’, They ask
‘To deserve this brutality’.
Adults don’t own
The mess they created.
‘Is ‘let it be’ their chosen lifestyle?’
Or because, to them future is not related.
Nobody owns the mistakes,
Nor they seem eager for solutions.
Behaviour not-so adult-like, They say,
Not just my problem – ‘this air pollution’.
Our minds are clogged,
The Air and the politics
Is thickened by Smog.
Religion often takes part for free,
Still, beyond the individual gains,
We ignore to see.

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