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Supermen and Superwomen | #RhythmicWednesday


Do they exist
In your world?
Supermen and Superwomen,
Or the idea is twirled.
Do you buy the idea
Of having super powers?
If you become one
Will the joy shower?
I used to feel like superwoman
But not anymore.
I think it’s a cliched trick,
To work more than we can pick.
We can only handle,
Being human.
Super powers are exaggerations.
If you see through the
Lenses, zoomed in.
It’s a trap,
For pressure and shame.
In a sterotypical narrative,
For a failure, you are to blame.
You might have a cape,
Or might not. It’s your choice.
But be a humble human,
Let your flaws and strength,
Be your voice.

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