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Fall Colours | #RhythmicWednesday

Fall Colours

Beautiful  fall colours,
Treat to the eyes.
Ground looks like a canvas,
Creating stunning art piece,
Nature is painter in disguise.

Beautiful  fall colours,
Are symphony of continuance and change.
If we don’t live in present,
It will soon go by,
Leaving us clueless and strange.

Beautiful  fall colours,
A multitude of shades.
Nature teaching us
To grow gracefully,
Though one day we all have to fade.

Beautiful  fall colours,
Remind us the circle of life.
Endings are for new beginnings,
What has begun, will come to an end,
It is the bitter truth to survive.

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  • Beautiful post Manisha……nicely written and very well articulated and I love the link to your Circle of Life…….great to have come across your blog……:)
    I would like to request you to consider if you will be interested in doing guest post for my blog……if you will be interested, kindly let me know….:)

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