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Suffering | #RhythmicWednesday


#MeToo stories are brave,
Scary and heartbreaking.
Showing the magnitude of wave,
And the longevity of suffering.

Including all ages and genders,
Countries and regions.
Pain was similar,
Regardless of race and colour.

#MeToo painted the picture,
Of society we live in,
The streets we walk on,
With faces full of ‘that’ grin.

The touch, the talk and the stare,
Had one common theme.
One agenda ruled them all
And made them blind to their fall.

The uncomfortable experiences,
Remember many are not told.
But the told stories gave shivers,
Imagine being the subject. Is the imagination bitter?

If the answer is yes,
Do your part to stop it.
Be part of solution
And let change be the resolution.

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