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An Open Letter To Firecracker Lovers

Dear fellow being,

This is an open letter to firecracker lovers. I know your hatred towards SC decision on the ban of firecrackers sale. Probably, you hated it truly and madly or you hated it as you got something to discuss in your free time while your hands were busy creating hate message, the mask (wore by you) was busy purifying the polluted air inhaled by you. I don’t know the reason of your hatred as my tiny mind is too naive to understand your Hindu – not-a-Hindu logic.

You talked about culture and tradition and how the ban opposed your deep-rooted Hindu culture.

Will you enlighten me with your knowledge of return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya? Did people of Ayodhya burst the crackers at that time?

My answer is NO. Lord Rama was welcomed by lighting earthen lamps. Hence, the name Deepawali. You can search what it means and fireworks is a Chinese invention. But, wait, Did we do something like ban Chinese products couple of months back? But, I digress.

You said what a day could do in whole Delhi air pollution equation.

I totally agree. But, please tell me if your house is disgustingly dirty, Do you add more dirt to it?

Maybe you do. Who knows? And now, since Diwali 2017 got done and dusted, What is your everyday responsibility for the environment?

You always cried about the government not doing something for Delhi pollution.

The Government can’t single-handedly solve this problem because not one person has created this problem. It is a collective problem created by humankind. But, I know taking responsibility is not your forte. In reality, you can’t take one single step to not be the part of the problem because you are too busy finding Hindu – nonHindu twist in it.


Crackers not the only reason for pollution, you said. Everyone knows that already. We aggravated pollution with all means. More industrial waste, number of cars on roads and many more things. You also added that government is not doing anything for traffic jams in Delhi-NCR. But, do you know that most of the traffic jams are caused because people behind the wheels have no driving sense. But, again, is there a logical connection between you and responsibility. You are always in hurry. Always. In your hurried moments, you forget how to drive on road. Whether it is about driving in your lane or it is driving on the right side of the road and at the right speed. But, it is for another letter. When was the last time you did not honk and turned off your car engine because you were stuck in traffic? I wish, Government can do that as well.

If tomorrow, there is a ban on keeping your country clean, Will your ego get burn in the same way?

Some people’s fragile ego got hurt so much that they went ahead to prove that SC ban is nothing. If tomorrow there is a ban on keeping your country clean, Will your ego get burn in the same way?

I hope it does.

Just because you got this earth for free, you think, you can do anything to it.

All free things are not really free, there is always a cost. It is your illusion that you can do anything to mother nature.

The vary existence of any life is because of five elements – Water, Air, Space, Fire and Earth and all five need to be balanced. If We do not act to balance the imbalance we have created, mother nature will bounce back. She is already giving you hard times and there will come a day when she will engulf you. Maybe you would have a discussion of Hindu – non-Hindu then as well but she will not give you a second to do that.



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