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Festival of Light | #RhythmicWednesday


“My Child! Soon, it is coming
The festival of light.
What do you want?
Will sweets and firecrackers
Make your mood bright?”

“I do have something in mind
But, before that, I have questions,
Mum and Dad!
Did you see the skies clear
When like us, you were the children?”

The adults did not know,
What to answer.
Should they say the truth
Or use Random facts
For their follies, to cover.

“You don’t have to
Give me the answer
Right now.
But if you feel the need
And have the time, do ponder.”

“I don’t know
About things I want,
This Diwali.
But I surely know
What I don’t want.”

“I do not want
I am surprised,
How adults can’t see
That it adds to pollution of air.”

“I know you would say,
That is not the only reason.
But in order to win,
You seldom forget
That change needs to begin at some season.”

“I want to live
And inhale pure air.
Will you gift me that
In its entirety?
To you, Does it look fair?”

“I hate playing in smog
But noone seems to care.
In the name of communalism
We forget, that we don’t own
Mother earth but share.”


I also wrote about Diwali is festive ‘All’ two years back.

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