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Sister of My Heart – #BookReview

Title: Sister of My Heart
Author: Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 352 (Paperback)

I recently read ‘Sister of My Heart’ by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. I was already her fan after reading ‘The Palace Of Illusions’ and Sister of My Heart did not drop my expectations. This book is a tale extraordinary.

This is a story about Sudha and Anju, two cousins born on same day. Unfortunately, that was also the day when their mothers found out about the death of their fathers who were out in quest of rubies. Gauri, Nalini and Pishi are the other main characters in the story. They are the mothers. The story is told from point of view of Sudha and Anju. They are the sister of the heart of another as they grow up sharing their childhood and transition into grown up lives. They love, they hate, they get jealous and they have secrets of their own. Sudha gets to know a secret from Pishi Ma and sacrifices her love for her sister’s well-being. Both the sisters are forced into arranged marriages. One in the Orthodox Indian family and the other goes to America. When their life takes another turn amidst marriage and wifehood, they end up getting the comfort in their sisterly bond. They turn up to each other for the solace as their hearts cried for each other.

The story has various secrets and Divakaruni has used them well to create conflicts. The mystery at the end of the story, I actually did not see it coming. The storyline flows like a poetry; rhythmic and beautiful. Divakaruni’s writing style is stunning. The use of similes is different. The chapters are in first person narrative. As the characters speak, I felt like being in the scene and watching them. Since, the book was published in 90s, the portrayal of Indian Society seems authentic and it is something which a lot of Indians can relate to.

Sudha learns a new secret after she boards the flight to America. Is she going to share that with Anju? What is going to happen in America? Well, We can always find that out in the sequel ‘The Vine of Desire’. I can’t wait to meet these characters again.

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