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I Promise

I promise to show you,
Places unseen,
Take you to the cities,
Where you have not been.

I promise the weather,
Will be different every time,
Winter to spring to summer,
You will not miss rain or sunshine.

I promise to explain,
the sides – good and bad,
But, Make your own judgement,
Don’t just nod along and be glad.

I promise to tell you,
Secrets of people,
How they handle love and fear,
And overcome their own struggle.

I promise to share,
My abundance knowledge,
I will give you,
All I have, without any nudge.

I promise to tell,
Stories when you can’t sleep,
You may smile, cry, shocked with fear,
It is just a disclaimer.

I promise to paint,
A picture, like a play on stage,
New colours will be added,
Every time you turn a page.

I promise to keep you company,
No matter where you go,
Like a faithful friend,
Your trust, I will never blow.

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Manisha Awasthi


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  • The depth of commitment in your promises is very clear. It’s so interesting that you chose to present in this format. Is this a style that you especially like?

    • Thanks for dropping by Asha. Glad you liked it. I wanted to write a poem from an object’s point of view and being a book-lover, I chose that object to be book .

    • Thanks for dropping by Sara. This poem was from a book’s POV but now after your comment, I think, this poem can be from a mother too. 🙂

  • I didn’t catch that these stanzas were from the POV of a book until I read your comment to Asha. Perhaps the title could suggest it, or the photo could be more clearly of a book? Once I reread, I appreciated the voice of the poem. I like the idea that books know their own worth and are able to communicate it with their readers. I struggled to find a scansion pattern in the poem. That might have been a stylistic choice, but, generally, poems with rhyme have scansion.

    • Thanks for your feedback Nate. I agree, there could had been a better picture but I left it to reader’s imagination as I tagged the post under ‘Books’ 😉 But that didn’t help for sure.

  • It is a very unique idea to present the poem from the book’s point of view. Usually books are portrayed as lifeless objects.
    One can write this in prose detailing it further.

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