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Xylograph – #AtoZChallenge

She was really feeling very homesick these days. Though there was a lot to do for her research paper but she didn’t seem to bother. Rather than going to laboratory she chose to stay in the hostel and think about good old days and indulged herself in her day dreaming.

Her birthday was in next two days. She was dreaming about the celebrations which would happen if she was home, lost in the sweet memories of old thoughts when a knock on the door broke her reverie.

She got up to open the door.

“This courier box was on reception. It’s for you.”, said Swati.

“Thanks for getting this”, Maya replied. She took the box and closed the door.

It was a courier from home filled with sweets prepared by her mom. There was a box, gift-wrapped very neatly. She opened the box and nothing on earth could have made her happier at this moment.

There was a xylograph, a sheer piece of art, in the box which read, “Always with you, our girl. Love, Mummy & Papa”.

She put the piece on her table. Smiling ear to ear, she stared it for minutes. Then got up to go to the laboratory to finish her research.


I am participating in A to Z Challenge for the second consecutive year and my theme this year is Flash Fiction.

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