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Victory – #AtoZChallenge

She was bored with this routine. Her medical complications were not going to ease soon. This year did not go very well in terms of her health. She got injured severely in an accident.

The accident happened some 3 months back while going back to home from the office. Her car got smashed by a truck driver who was too drunk to drive. Her car was broken into pieces and so were her bones. Her legs got fractured with her spine and there were multiple head scars. According to doctors, It would take approximately two more months before she could be on her own.

She walked 20 steps today in her hospital room and came back to bed because of pain. She opened the diary and wrote, “Twenty steps today. These small victories need a memory.”

This was her own way to motivate and heal herself from that pain.


I am participating in A to Z Challenge for the second consecutive year and my theme this year is Flash Fiction.

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