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Meme – #AtoZChallenge

His phone beeped with WhatsApp message notification. He picked up his phone and the message in his family group read,

“Wife: Why every car driver is smiling at me and winking at you today? Is everything alright?

Husband: Honey! Because you are looking fantastic today.

(Wife blushed)

Husband(talking in his head): I need to get rid of ‘Beware! Woman behind the wheel’ sticker as soon as the car stops.”

He smiled after reading the message, browsed his photos and shared one picture with the group.

The picture read,

“Best Driver Award

Presented to Miss Christina

Class of 2017”

His daughter aced the batch of 500 new drivers in national academy.


I am participating in A to Z Challenge for the second consecutive year and my theme this year is Flash Fiction.

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