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First Steps – #AtoZChallenge

“This is a brilliant opportunity for the company to showcase our skills. The project has a great profit margin but We don’t have right resources which this project requires. We will need more people”, General Manager of the company addressed.

“What are the thoughts about recruitment strategy?”, Someone asked from the group.

“Well, I know we will get candidates easily but I want to do it little differently this time. Diversity is one of our mottos and I think, it’s high time that we work on it. Considering, We have poor gender balance in our office, We need some action plan. We need to change our recruitment strategy to hire more women consciously so we can close the gender gap. This is an initiative which we can start from our office.”, GM replied.

“This sudden change in the strategy might affect the hiring rate and We might not meet the resourcing criteria for this new project.”, Lead HR said.

“I understand that but I also believe that We have to take those first steps some day so we can move further. So, let’s start from today.”, He quoted.

And the company got its important initiative of the year.


I am participating in A to Z Challenge for the second consecutive year and my theme this year is Flash Fiction.

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