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Best Friends For Life!

Dear Mr Husband,
I know, this is going to be a difficult post or may be an easier one as it is about you. I can’t forecast the difficulty level but still, I am going to attempt it.
Behind every successful woman, there is a man who stands next to her and believes in her as much she believes in herself.
And, Mr Husband, you are that man in my life.
I am not going to tell you the cheeky stuff like ‘I am blessed to have you‘ because both of us know that we both are blessed to have each other and I know you agree. 😃
I am not going to write about the amount of love I have for you because I am short of words that can explain my feelings for you. 
What I would like to write, here, in this space is, about the things I like about you.
I like…
When in the midst of all the busyness, you remember me.
When you listen to my random non-stop rants with all the attention you have in that moment.
When you come up with a suggestion which I forgot to consider. ( This is just one reason that we are a team)
I like…
When you cook the deliciousness for me.
When you don’t leave a chance to make fun of me. These bits add beauty to moments.
When you agree to go for comic movies. They are real fun to watch with you.
I like…
When you do silly things to make me smile.
When you eat the non-spicy food (despite your love for spicy food) I cook, without any nags.
When you say the lines which I would say next in any given context.
I like…
When you believe  in breaking gender stereotypes as much I do.
When you try to be focused in life.
When you add meaning to my life.
But, I totally love the fact that…
We are best friend to each other for life. We are our true selves with each other. Life is better this way, life is sunny this way.
Your not-so-perfect wife!


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