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Such a Free Thing To Give! #FridayReflections

Advice.. such a free thing to give. Only if we have to pay money to give it!
I don’t understand what joy people get in giving advice to others but I surely know it is not the best thing for the person who is getting it until unless he/she asks for it.
Personal space is considered a very alien concept in our Indian society. People might give you advice on how you should dress up to what kind of food you should eat. You may also get free advice on why a particular job is not good for you (even though you never complained about it and it’s your dream job) and when is the right time for getting married and having kids. The list is very long and I am not going to bore you with it.
Why is it difficult to understand that someone is not telling you something just to get advice? Listening to someone without judgement is a very desirable and important human trait and trust me, it is difficult too. The only moment when someone needs your advice is when she clearly asks for it.

“Most people need love and acceptance a lot more than they need advice”. – Bob Goff

Sometimes the advice is such that you can only laugh about it. Someone advised me to choose a teaching profession when I was doing preparations for engineering. I mean why do people like to loose their respect by giving such advice.
I have had my share of advice over the years and the only thing it has taught me is how I can invest myself in being a good listener. I know the frustration when you get the unwanted advice shoved on your face.
So, next time, someone tells you something, remind yourself to not give any advice until it is asked. Trust me, you will earn some more respect.



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  • So true! Advice is cheap, listening takes a lot of work!
    Thanks for joining us for Friday Reflections. Try to visit and comment on the other blogs linked in too. See you around.

  • Totally agree with you that unsolicited advice often annoys and seldom helps. Listening without judging or giving into the itch of advising is best avoided 🙂

  • Sorry for framing the last sentence wrong. I meant, listening without judging should be the way and giving into the itch of advising best avoided.

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