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Reflections #atozchallenge 2016

It was an amazing April with #atozchallenge. This year was my first time for AtoZChallenge and I am glad that I took up the challenge.

There were days when I was clueless what to write but in the end, I wrote. It was more of self-challenge. Last year, I stumbled upon some blogs who were already doing this challenge and I wished to participate and 2016 is the year of implementation from dreams.

To be frank, I was doubtful about completion when the challenge was one week down but I kept going with the fabulous blogging community and Blogchatter.

What was in it for me?
The best part of AtoZChallenge is about finding a community. I made new blogger friends. Blogchatter gave that opportunity to interact with few awesome bloggers and even today when we are in May and challenge is over, I still go and read those new found blogs.

Blogging was more like an everyday activity the whole April. It was like the habitual chore and I enjoyed it. Sometimes, with work commitments, it was difficult but I think that is the main challenge. No?

My takeaways
This year my posts were random not around a theme and now I understand why blogging with a theme could be more beneficial. I can say that because there were alphabets when my mind was flooded with topics and I had to choose what interested me most. The theme gives you focus and channelise your thoughts. Next year, I am certainly going to participate with a theme.

The other takeaway for me is to schedule the post before hand. That  leaves time for blog hopping.

All in all, it was a fun blogging activity and I am already waiting for 2017 challenge.

If you missed my A to Z challenge posts, here is the snapshot of what I covered from A to Z.

A is for  August is special!
B is for  Books are your best friends!
C is for  Cinderella – Please woman up!
D is for  Dreams are not for faint-hearted
E is for  Emptiness
F is for  Facebook
G is for Glowing like Neon Stickers!
H is for Hopes
I is for   Is Ignorance Bliss?
J is for  Joy that comes with focus
K is for Ki & Ka
L is for  Love Locked
M is for Mind your own business
N is for  Nothing is Everlasting
O is for  One Fine Day
P is for  Poetry
Q is for Questions
R is for  Read
S is for  Simplicity
T is for  Time
U is for  Undo!
V is for  Voice of Silence
W is for Women and Visual Markers
X is for  Xerox!
Y is for  You!
Z is for  Zest

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  • Congratulations on successful completion of the A to Z challenge 🙂
    I enjoyed reading your poetry and loved your writing style. I agree, having a theme does give our thoughts a direction making it easier to write through from A to Z.
    All the best for the challenge in 2017 and best wishes for writing through the year 🙂

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