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Mirror mirror, Just Say it All ! #FridayReflections

Mirror mirror on my wall,
‘Wants to tell me something’,
I asked it to be brave, 

And just say it all.

Be true to you,
Be yourself,
Look at your soul,
Through the eyes and find it whole.
Don’t loose yourself,
To become who you’re not,
I know people who want to be you,

This is serious enough to give a shot.
Bounce back the positivity,
Like I reflect,
Pat your own back.
And see the impact.
Look beyond those eyes,
Catch those dreams.
There is more to
What we see and day dream.
Keep doing what you do,
And give it your all,
I will repeat this everyday,
In order to do what I do best.
Be raw, don’t sugarcoat,
Truth is bitter.
And needs to be told,
Without any touch up and shiny glitter.

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