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X reminds me of Xerox machine and takes me to the college days because those were the time when Xerox copies were of utmost importance. It is such a great invention on its own. Create an exact photo copy of the documents and the same document by looks is at your disposal.

Where it is very useful for copying documents and creating the same replica, I don’t like when people try to Xerox or copy someone else in mannerisms and personality. Remember, Xerox is never original. It looks like original but it’s still a copy. It’s better to be yourself rather than being a copy of someone. The original piece has its own charm and what you have is original. Noone can copy that in spite of every possible effort. So, Why bother when you have your own power?

I want to stop transforming and just start being. – Ursula Burns

Considering the things I want to do and the time I have, I dream at times about  creating my own Xerox copies so I can learn multiple things at same time and then later when my original mind has absorbed everything, I destroy my Xerox copies. Wait let me dream for a minute. So, my one copy is learning a new tech language, copy number two is busy with reading, copy number three is busy writing a blog post and so on and so forth. Bliss!

I could save a lot of time. Tell me, Do you ever think about the same? What will you attempt to achieve if you get the superpower of making your xerox?

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