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Life is funny that way. You can’t really undo the moment which just passed. I mean think about it. Once the clock moves a second, you can’t really go back, you can’t undo an action which you took, you can’t undo words you said but I believe that is why we call it Life.

I sometimes wonder if we had the liberty of undoing  in real, How it would have been. It would have been rather funnier. You do something if the outcome doesn’t please you, just undo it. Quite an imaginary world!

Already done things can’t be undone. They can be improved, they can be altered but the real moment can’t go back. Though it would had been nice if sometimes We could undo things in order to make it right. But, then again, see it in the light of life learning. We learn a new way to not do something, every time we do it wrongly. Every incorrect decision teaches you a life lesson. Every failed milestone in its retrospective light shows us that we did not give 100%. Maybe it was 100% but it was just not enough. 
There could be a huge list which I might want to undo, not because I regret them, it’s because I know now the correct way to do them. Obviously, I am not going to spend my precious time to think about that list else how would I undo this action.
The ultimate truth is actions done can’t be undone. What do you think about this? 

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  • Not being able to undo life is life's way of telling us that we're supposed to be looking forward and not investing anymore time in the past.
    That was an interesting take on Time 🙂

  • Thanks My Era for dropping by. You said it very rightly that life is about looking forward by learning the lessons and reminiscing the memories from past. 🙂

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