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Such an interesting word. No?

Asking questions and answering them are an integral part of our life. Though deep down in our heart, we know how much we detest answering them but we love asking them and finding answers to your own questions is a mysterious art. It takes years of hard work and practice to answer the questions in your head.

I personally like asking questions when something is out of my logical understanding. I just can’t do things for the sake of doing it without knowing the logic behind that and it is a hardcore truth that some people hate me for this.

Life is hard but one must learn to improve things. If our ancestors would not have questioned out of curiosity, we would have been living in that same era. It’s human nature to believe that in order to keep things smooth, we should just keep doing them without knowing the rationale behind that. But, if we don’t question when especially things are not logical or right, we can’t them to improve.

Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers. – Voltaire

Also, asking the right question is an art. You can’t reach the correct outcome without asking the right question. This reminds me to ponder upon 5-WHY root cause analysis. I am sure, most of you have heard about it.

5-WHY is a root cause analysis strategy pioneered by Toyota. It’s a lean manufacturing term but comes handy in day-to-day life. According to, to 5-WHY rule, you generally reach upon the root cause of a problem by iterating the question ‘WHY’ 5 times. By the 5th why the root cause of the problem should be clear and then the whole energy should be diverted to solve the problem. So, the key is to ask right questions again and again if we want to change or solve something.

Life throws its own questions but that doesn’t mean that we should stop questioning for better reasons.

Which was the last question that boggled your mind?

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