Mind Your Own Business!






Oh Dear!
Please don’t interfere,
Have some respect,
About others’ life context.

You might have,
Plenty of advice.
But people want to learn,
By playing their own dice.

Don’t offer,
Until asked otherwise.
It is a great virtue,
To behave mature and wise.

Don’t shove your thought,
In name of being social.
There is a concept of,
Maintaining boundaries and being noble.

Don’t show interest,
In my everyday whereabouts.
I suggest, Focus on yours,
And clear your own doubts.

Oh Dear!
My life is mine.
Don’t try to peek,
Instead work on yours,make it shine.

As much I respect,
Your life, and don’t throw.
To you My unwanted points,
I want same sensible sort of show.

Get a life of your own,
Don’t get nosey in others’,
Develop a hobby.
Or whatever pleases your soul.

Don’t judge me,
Because I really don’t care.
Life is too short,
I have no gory details to share.

You can hate me,
For having my space.
I love it more than anything,
You can ever think and embrace.

Don’t get too strangled,
In knowing and judging others.
Life is larger than that,
Feel asked, else don’t bother.

Oh Dear! Don’t give me,
Advices,which, to you are precious.
As I would just say,
Mind your own business.

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  1. Mam very sarcastic comment to person who put their view without asking ,to person who dont own their business to person who think entire world is friendly ,So they get reply what they really deserve . But anyway very very impressive line "But people want to learn, By playing their own dice."

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