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Wait! what are you thinking? No, this post is not a movie review. For non-Indian readers, Ki and Ka are like Hers and His. I am going to pour some real life experiences rather than the reel-life review. So, this topic is so close to my heart that I can talk about it in my sleep. Why? Shouldn’t it be?
Gender stereotypes are created by both genders. See, I am giving equal weight to both because I know these stereotypes are there because men and women equally created them. Stereotyping is like a disease which affects fundamental human rights in some or other way. And we start the differentiation from the day a baby is born. Blue is for boys and pink is for girls. Does this sound familiar?
I feel it’s wrong to see roles and responsibilities through gender lenses and we should move away with that thinking as soon as possible. Gone are the days when men used to go for hunting and women used to take care of other household things and that’s how life was. Time has changed drastically and so should the thought process. 

We’ve begun to raise daughters more like sons… but few have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters. – Gloria Steinem

When I was a kid, I knew people around me who differentiated in the education of their daughter and son because of the reason – “a girl has to get married and run a house. So, why to spend money in her education”. 
When I was going to start my professional life, other people, who had no rights to intervene in my or for that reason my parents’ life, asked my parents how could they let me live in another city as ‘I am a girl’.
I know people who tell their sons  that ‘boys don’t cry’ as if boys are not born with hearts and they don’t feel emotions. Feel guilty about it if you have done so. Why do we think crying is so lady-like? 
I know a society which shows sympathy to a mother who is blessed with a baby girl even though the mother is on cloud nine. How much more stupid could this get? And for the record, it is the same society which worships the mother goddess from its heart and soul.
There are people who think that earning money is a man’s duty and taking care of family and household chores are woman’s. Why do we expect women to choose family over work? Why do we expect men to not do any household chores? Shouldn’t just we leave it to her or him to decide?
So, H loves to cook deliciousness for me and another day one of my acquaintances was asking me how could I let it happen. It’s my responsibility to cook for him and not the other way. I mean, can you believe it? 
Anyways, moving on..
Thankfully, I also know parents who bake with their 3-year-old son (Yes, I have intentionally put the gender here) and that gives me the feeling that It’s not just me who want to change the age-old things. More power to such people because kids learn what they see. 
I normally can’t keep shut if I see someone talking to me or judging me through gender lenses. I just can’t keep quiet. It’s just me, like it or not. I wear my opinions on my sleeves.
If you are still here and reading my rant and second my thoughts, Can I please ask you to speak whenever you come across such situations? Because it can only be changed with the collective effort. 

How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes! -Maya Angelou

Do you have any such Ki and Ka experiences? Please share in the comments below.

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  • I really enjoyed the movie and it's questioning of gender roles. I made it a point to get my girls so called 'boy' toys and to encourage them to play all sports and wear all colours, not just pink. Conditioning starts at a very early age. We need to be vigilant.

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