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Joy That Comes with Focus!

Being elated and joyful is very important and achieving that is hard work. And c’mon , whom are we kidding? Good things come with a lot of hard work. But, is only hard-work the key ingredient? I leave this to your thinking.
Have you realised the sheer and simple happiness of ticking that one thing off your wish list? That’s magical. It makes you soar. It feels like the sweet smell of rain which fills the soul with ecstasy. But, it all comes with a price of being focused. You need that kind of focus which pushes you every day out of your comfy bed and makes you work on that goal and I am not talking about work related goals, here. 

A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of  confidence and personal power. – Brian Tracy

No goal can be achieved without focus. Well, there might be  people who can achieve their goals just like that but, I am certainly not in that lot. Focus brings clarity and a plan of action and it’s easier to get diverted from that as the ‘hello world’ happens but I think, that’s the challenge, goal comes with and that’s why the focus is vital.

My father gives me an analogy often and it’s like ‘This life is like the busiest road ever with different kind of people walking and driving vehicles on it. It’s an art to reach your destination without having a collision and in that situation, only thing which could help is, focus.’

The best way I have found is, write it down. Divide it into smaller achievable goals because when the goal is clear, then we know the action point and can focus on that little bit which is critical to finish the end goal. Also, it gives a sense of achievement when we finish smaller bits and that’s the ultimate pleasure. No?
It helps me in other ways too. Focusing on something, gives a direction to my otherwise wandering mind and keeps me sane. 
Which was the last thing you focused on, that defines ‘You‘? 

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  • Happy 100th post to you Manisha 🙂
    I totally agree with the importance of focus in achieving our goals. Aimlessly working hard would take us nowhere worthwhile, ever.
    Thank you for sharing that inspiring analogy by your father. It'll stay with me, inspiring me every time I lose focus 🙂

    @theerailivedin from The Era I Lived In

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